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Azotel Technologies provides enabling technology and services to significantly reduce the costs and overall barriers to entry for Broadband Operators. Azotel's WISPer platform allows operators to focus on their customers with Azotel centrally managing the Network and Back Office functions, at significantly lower cost than is otherwise possible.

Azotel Technologies is a spin-out from Amocom Net (www.amocom.com) which was founded in 2002 by John O.Hare, the current Chief Executive and major shareholder of Azotel. John had spent many years working in the cellular and related industry, principally with Motorola. During that time he became increasingly aware of the demand for universal high speed data networks (broadband) and as a result founded Amocom Net to meet that demand. Amocom Net has a significant market share of the wireless market in Cork Ireland, delivering bandwidth over the 5.7Ghz Fixed Wireless radio access network. This solution is made up of the radio access network (Canopy from Motorola), and the proprietary back office system and network management components designed and developed by Amocom and now owned by Azotel.

Azotel was set up to exploit this solution, by supplying it as a service to start-up and existing wireless operators globally, allowing these operators to very quickly provide bandwidth and related services at a cost even lower than Amocom's, and factors lower than alternative approaches.

Azotel is managed by an experienced team of professionals who bring a superior range of expertise to the design, construction, operation and marketing of wireless telecommunications networks.

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